Santa Paula Day, January 26. Names for girl

Santa Paula Day, January 26. Names for girl

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Paula is a name for a girl of Latin origin that means 'the little one'. Unlike its masculine, Pablo, it is a name that has not changed phonetically from its Latin form and both names are among the most frequent today. A tremendously attractive name for any girl. Celebrate your name day January 26 which is the day of Santa Paula.

The name Paula implies a seductive and sophisticated personality. Paula shows kindness and confidence and thanks to her communication skills she is a person conciliatory able to put calm in any family conflict. She handles herself like nobody else in the field of social relationships, since her charisma makes her admired and loved by others.

The different variants of Paula make it difficult for your daughter to choose one of them, as they are all interesting. Paulina is one of the forms that we like the most because it reflects sensuality and sensitivity at the same time. But the French form Paulette presents a musicality that we cannot resist, and the Italian Paola possesses an elegance that is hard to match.

We have seen your daughter's name in some locations in Latin America, but also in a Chilean magazine and, of course, we cannot forget Isabel Allende's novel 'Paula' dedicated to her daughter. In addition, there are many women that we know by the name Paula, all of them with an overwhelming personality and very attractive.

Paulina Rubio is dynamism and Energy made song. And as references in the world of cinema, we have the Spanish Paula Echevarría, a fashion icon characterized by her beauty, sympathy and style.

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