Santa Elvira Day, January 25. Names for girl

Santa Elvira Day, January 25. Names for girl

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Elvira is a name for a girl of Germanic origin that means 'the noble protector', a name with a huge load of loyalty that will be perfect for your girl.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, its use has remained stable and over the years it has become more and more appreciated. Celebrate your name day January 25, which is the day of Santa Elvira.

The name Elvira is synonymous with a charismatic and overwhelming personality. She carries her sense of protection implicit in the meaning of her name, making her on many occasions the undisputed leader of her group of friends and the soul of the family. In addition, Elvira is intelligent and restless and always finds solutions to conflicts that may arise at hand.

Elvira is a name that is used all over the world with hardly any variations and its use has a marked medieval flavor. Thus, Elvira was the name of queens and infantas during the Middle Ages, as a reminder of the Visigothic influence. And Elvira was also the fictitious name of one of the Cid's daughters in the famous Poem that sings the hero's exploits.

But the name of your son not only transmits to us an image of medieval knights, robes and veils, it also transmits to us all the sensuality and romanticism that we find in the opera 'Don Giovanni' by Mozart or in the work 'Don Juan' by MoliƩre, two works that have contributed greatly to the popularization and acceptance of the name Elvira.

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