Second pregnancy: when it gets too close to the first

Second pregnancy: when it gets too close to the first

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The return to normality of the body of the mother who has just given birth is gradual. The body needs time to return to the state before conception and the mind also. During pregnancy, many changes occur in a woman's anatomy. Some functions of the body are altered due to the influx of hormones to meet the needs of the baby's development, childbirth and breastfeeding.

Knowing how long to wait for the second pregnancy is essential for the good health of the mother and for the development of her future baby, since the woman has gone through a very important process of changes and experts recommend waiting for the return to normality to face a new pregnancy.

Specialists advise wait two years to start a new pregnancy because it is the time the woman needs to reestablish herself physically and psychologically, and to terminate the recommended breastfeeding time. However, there are other parameters for marking times. One of them takes the development of childbirth as a reference. Thus, to assess how long to wait, the first thing to know is whether it occurred by cesarean section or was it a natural delivery.

In case of having suffered a Caesarean section, specialists recommend leaving a margin of time between pregnancies of between 18 and 24 months, mainly to give the uterus time to recover from the cesarean section. A time shorter than this could cause risks such as uterine rupture on the previous cesarean section scar, among others. On the other hand, if the first baby was born by vaginal route or natural delivery, the waiting time between pregnancies could be reduced to one year. During these 12 months, the woman's body can regain normality and be in a position to once again provide what is necessary for the development of her second baby within her.

Sometimes the second pregnancy is not planned like the first and comes by surprise. Other couples, on the other hand, prefer to have their children very often because they consider that it is better for them, for their development, to share games or to avoid jealousy between siblings. Be that as it may, when the second pregnancy is too close to the first, the specialist's recommendations must always be taken into account to avoid possible risks such as maternal anemia, bleeding during pregnancy, premature delivery or low birth weight. .

In the event that the second pregnancy has occurred in a shorter time than recommended, that is, before six months from the first delivery, it will be necessary to carry a strict medical control. The woman's body has not recovered from the first pregnancy and will regress again to face the structural and physical changes that the gestation process entails. It is essential that, in this case, in addition to the normal control, the gynecologist pays special attention to the changes in the female body, the development of the fetus and feeding during pregnancy to prevent complications.

In closely followed pregnancies, the risk of anemias, premature delivery, poor baby development and other complications. Preventing them is easy, if the medical and dietary guidelines and an exhaustive control are followed.

There is also a recommended maximum time that we should not exceed when ordering a new child. Specialists consider advisable not exceed five years to seek a second pregnancy. Studies in this field have found an increased risk of preterm births and low-birth-weight babies, as well as a significant increase in risk pregnancies due to high blood pressure or development of pre-eclampsia.

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