Children's first visit to the dentist

Children's first visit to the dentist

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We see more and more very young children with tooth decay problems. For this reason, dentists recommend, on the one hand, starting oral hygiene at a very early age, even before the first tooth appears and, on the other, going to the dentist for the first time when the baby reaches its first year old.

Years ago, the recommendation of pediatricians was to perform the first dental check-up when the milk denture, composed of 20 teeth, is complete, that is, around three years. However, the presence of cavities in preschool children and the appearance in children under 3 years of other problems associated with the first teething have forced specialists to change the recommendation at 12 months, in order to establish preventive measures. After the first review, the controls should be carried out, if all goes well, once a year.

The professional will check the teeth and gums, see if there are cavities in the bottle, evaluate possible problems such as cross bite, open bite or growth disturbances and, surely, start a history of the child's medical and dental history. It is time to correct bad habits in time and introduce good cleaning habits early.

When the time comes for a visit to the dentist, parents should strive to give their child a sense of trust and security. It is necessary that between the child and the dentist there is a good relationship and no fears or fears are created from the beginning.

It is good to get in the habit of regularly examining your baby's teeth. Keep in mind that healthy teeth have a uniform white color. If you see spots or spots on the teeth, it is convenient that you advance the visit to the dentist.

Even before the first tooth appears, the gums should be cleaned after each feeding. To do this, you can use a moistened gauze. When teething begins, resort to brushing; yes, at first, without toothpaste until 2 years. From then on, you can put a small amount on it, as long as it is especially suitable for children, that is, with low fluoride content. And remember: to prevent cavities, do not leave him with only the bottle in his mouth, as prolonged contact with milk sugars predisposes to tooth decay.

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