Why can baby cameras be unsafe?

Why can baby cameras be unsafe?

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Baby surveillance cameras have been of great help to many parents. Thanks to them we can know if the baby is crying, if it has woken up or if it sleeps peacefully.

However, you may have never thought that it is also a potentially unsafe device, and that is that a study carried out in the United States alerts us to 10 possible failures in commercial cameras. The main one? The ability to connect to them and access all the images and sounds they collect.

One of the great 'cracks' that specialists have detected in these video surveillance cameras it is the ease of attacking them from anywhere in the world and, not only accessing, but also recording all the images they capture.

It is possible that you are putting your hands on your head and thinking what kind of images they may have captured in your case, from the most everyday ones taking the baby out of the crib or playing with him, to the most private, going through the room without clothes after the shower. If the technology goes to that point, don't you feel a bit like Big Brother or Stasi Democratic Germany?

Video surveillance cameras for babies connect to home Wi-Fi and include few security measures, but they are not the only vulnerable devices: tablets, computers or smartphones too can be controlled by crackers from anywhere in the world.

The companies that make these cameras were advised of their vulnerability and some have already updated their programs to prevent these attacksHowever, we can also carry out a series of security measures at home to avoid exposing our private life to strange eyes.

We live in the age of surveillance. Without realizing it, a day you have given so much data about yourself that those who handle the information know your tastes and preferences better than yourself. Your favorite restaurants, if you need to improve in English, if you want to travel to Paris, how much money do you spend on purchases per month, where are you or where are you going? Privacy is something that has been reduced with the advancement of new technologies, but if we think that it is also possible to hear or see what you do inside your home, Don't you feel naked, helpless, exposed, attacked?

In the case of baby cameras, to protect your privacy as much as possible, it is important that when you purchase it, you know its characteristics, check your security and always try to keep the firmware updated, which is the program that allows the sending of instructions to the electronic components of the device. We must also monitor the security of our Wi-Fi and verify that the password is as secure and complicated as possible.

And if not, you have two options: turn it off or say hello to the camera.

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