Day of the saint Vicente Mártir, January 22. Names for boys

Day of the saint Vicente Mártir, January 22. Names for boys

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Vicente is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means 'the victor' or 'the conqueror'. It has the same etymology as Victor, so both names can be perfect for your child.

Celebrate your name day January 22, which is the day of San Vicente Mártir, a famous clergyman from Zaragoza who lived in the time of Diocletian.

The name Vicente implies a charismatic and seductive personality. Vicente is pleasant, sensitive and charming, qualities for which he is admired by those around him.

In addition, he has a great ability to find resources and solve situations, which often makes him a protective figure for his family.

Vicente is a name that is used throughout the West with some variations. Its Vincent form is well known, which we find in English, French and German, in addition to the Italian Vicenzo.

Their diminutives Vin and Vinny are also widely used, and the more popular Txente. The feminine of this name is Vicenta, although nowadays it is little used.

Because there are several saints with the name of your son, it is very common to find towns with the name San Vicente, the fishing village located in Cantabria, San Vicente de la Barquera being especially attractive. In addition, there are many personalities named Vicente, such as the Nobel Prize-winning Spanish poet Vicente Aleixandre.

However, it is two celebrities belonging to very different fields that have made your son's name famous. The Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh, whose paintings are admired even by those with little knowledge of art, and the football coach Vicente del Bosque, very topical, and who has led the Spanish team to win such important victories as the European Championship or the World Cup .

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