The consequences of jealousy between siblings

The consequences of jealousy between siblings

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Jealousy is unavoidable and the only thing parents can do to help their child is to nurture them so that what they feel is as painless and upsetting as possible. As everything in life, Jealousy between siblings generates negative consequences, but also positiveas, which will be reflected in the development and in the behavior and conduct of the child. Having a brother is a wealth that, even if it is lived with anguish in the first months, will become a treasure in the child's life.

It is natural that with the arrival of another child, you have to unfold your love and affection. Your older child will feel like they no longer have the exclusive attention of their parents. When he perceives that the little one is the novelty of the parents, he will do everything to claim the lost attention. One of the most common attitudes is to imitate the baby's behavior. He will start sucking his thumb, asking to be held, using the pacifier again and even peeing himself again. Thus, behaving like a baby, he thinks that he can return to occupy the lost throne. However, these changes can also affect your character.

When a child thinks he has been replaced by the little one in the house, he may become a little aggressive and be discouraged and depressed. He may go from being a quiet child to becoming disobedient and negative, showing opposition to the orders of their parents. Other negative attitudes are showing resistance to participating in family gatherings, interrupting their parents' conversations, and going against learned norms. They may be more sensitive and whiny, and consequently have difficulty concentrating and paying attention, which can lead to impaired school performance.

Other children begin to show rejection of daily routines and resist brushing their teeth before sleeping, eating, leaving the house, picking up their toys, doing homework, and so on. However, there are others that go further. You begin to manifest physical symptoms such as headache, tummy pain, or leg pain, which may or may not be feigned. And in these cases, you need to watch him closely.

If there is something positive about jealousy between siblings, it is when the older one, when comparing himself to his little brother, decides to 'be better' than him. Then, he will seek to have power in something related to some ability, usually physical. He will endeavor to learn to ride a bike without the training wheels, jump rope, or swim without cuffs. He will do everything to prove to himself and others that he is older and better than his brother. In this case, there is a very positive will to improve, which will keep your self-esteem up. This attitude will help you combat jealousy towards your brother.

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