A homemade table football made by children excites the world

A homemade table football made by children excites the world

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How to play with toys when you don't have money to buy them? There is only one answer: imagination. This is what a group of children from Cape Verde have shown us by building a foosball table out of a few scrap items.

The author of the video, Ary Spínola Dos Reis, released this video along with the slogan: 'Don't complain about life, be creative'. A wonderful teaching that we can pass on to our children.

How have they made this ingenious invention? With a small box of fruit, a broomstick, eight nails, and a ball of deodorant. With all this material, which for many of us would go to waste, some children from Cape Verde have made the most famous toy in the world: a homemade table football.

In the recording, made by Ary Spínola Dos Reis, we see how these children are able to have fun and have a good time with something that they have created themselves. A lesson for many other children and a video that parents should show our children.

From we usually give ideas for making homemade toys using recycled material. Not only because we think it is a way to educate children to respect the environment and learn to recycle. There is another reason: children do not need so many things, so many toys cornered or so many devices, sometimes they just need us to stimulate their imagination and creativity so that they themselves strive to achieve their goals and objectives.

Sometimes, just with rolls of toilet paper, yogurt cups, plastic bottles, old newspaper, bottle caps or even old socks, you can make such fantastic toys as this table football, dolls, trains, cars and anything else. another element that comes out of a child's imagination.

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