War toys for children, yes or no?

War toys for children, yes or no?

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War toys are considered all those that hint at war or incite violence such as: replicas of weapons, pistols, swords, spears, as well as violent video games for boys or girls.

There is a debate in which some experts have the idea that they are not harmful, while others use arguments to support their refusal against those toys. Let us dwell on the arguments of each of the parties.

1. The experts who support this idea are those who defend that the toy by itself does not generate violence in the child. Everything will depend on the context in which you live. If the child lives surrounded by a tense, aggressive, repressive and violent family and school environment, he does not need a toy to represent what he lives. If a child is subjected to physical and emotional abuse, he will respond aggressively. Thus, for example, it is not surprising that at the moment of being attacked the child raises his hand and uses his finger (representing a gun) and says: I kill you.

2. The weapons of lies do not have the same meaning in children as in adults. What children do is introduce the reality they see every day to their fantasy games. And that is not why they will assume the role of violence all their lives.

3. The existence of this type of toys it is only the reflection of the warlike world in which we live. The taste for them is generated by the violence of society itself in the way it behaves.

4. For these experts the little control that is given to television messages is more objectionable, generators of violence that the war toys that children ask for after seeing the ads.

5. A war toy is just a toy to which the environment in which it appears will give its meaning. In a warm, communicative and affectionate environment its meaning will be healthy. In a conflictive environment it will turn into violence.

1. For the experts who censor this type of toys support the idea that the toys themselves generate a message of aggressiveness, of death and destruction. And they have a great impact on children

2. They claim that these toys cannot be decontextualized. That is, just as cars are to transport and dolls to hug, weapons are to kill.

3. For them, the serious and worrying thing about this type of toy is that it not only generates violence in the child but also make aggressiveness a norm of conduct.

4. On this side of the controversy it is thought that these types of toys are harmful, especially when the child is between 3 and 6 years old, period in which he develops the role play that consists of identifying with a real life model, be it a doctor, a fireman, a policeman, a president, a mother. If parents offer these types of toys they can stimulate a model of violence

After all the reasons the experts give us. Who would you position yourself as a father or mother?

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