10 things that made you cry after being a mom

10 things that made you cry after being a mom

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Revolutionized hormones, tiredness and lack of sleep, sensitivity to the surface ... The first days after delivery are so hard that we often end up in a sea of ​​tears. We have spent 40 weeks pregnant with emotions on the verge of exploding at any moment, be it out of joy, sadness or anger. But when giving birth, nothing ends, many times it is the opposite, we find ourselves crying over things that don't matter or that at other times they would not make us even twist the gesture.

What do you want! Being a mother is not easy, not sleeping during the first weeks is not easy, taking care of a baby that requires all your attention and care is not anything, especially when you are a new mother. I remember not having cried almost in my pregnancy, I did not cry during the delivery, not even after it, nothing seemed to be able to me.

However, a week later, some macaroni stuck to me and all the containment I had been enduring overflowed unstoppably. Mine had no consolation, I remember crying for hours and hours (and I'm not exaggerating!) Talking to other moms, they told me similar experiences, these are the reasons that made them cry in the first weeks after giving birth:

1- Lack of sleep: sleeping for a few hours a day ends up taking its toll and, since there is no body to resist it, in the end crying is the way to vent before the fatigue that invades us.

2- A tender scene: our emotions are so on the surface that a touching scene seen on television, a sad story that someone tells us or a sentimental movie brings tears to the surface.

3- An argument with our partner: Perhaps the reason is as small as that the shampoo bottles are uncovered, but that little fight seems to us the worst in the world.

4- Baby has a fever: the first time our baby has a temperature higher than 38º we get the creeps, we think that we will not get out of that ... If we only knew how many times we will face fever in our children!

5- Leave the baby to go back to work: I do not know a mother who has not joined work with tears in her eyes and feeling like the worst person in the world because she had to leave the baby in the care of someone else.

6- The car does not bend: we bought the baby stroller with all the enthusiasm in the world, and when we left the house the first times we were faced with the dreaded moment of ... how was this damn thing going! The shop assistant folded it with amazing ease, but we, with the baby in our arms, tried to fold it and there was no way.

7- Hair falls out: During the months after delivery, the hair falls out in clumps. Staying with hair in hand is not pleasant at all.

8- The body does not regain its shape: Our figure will take about a year to return to the point where it was, it needs your time. But that swollen belly that does not return to its place after delivery, we do not like it at all.

9- Lack of knowledge about breastfeeding: Being a new mother is facing a thousand new situations, including breastfeeding, something that surprises many moms and can cause considerable pain if there is a bad practice.

10. Do not have time: the baby usually absorbs all the time of a new mother, who seems to have no hands to take care of her little one. You feel like you are drowning and one day ... you explode!

This postpartum state does not imply that we spend all the time crying or that this feeling of fragility lasts forever, but ... confess, who has not shed a few tears for things that were not of great importance?

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