My star. Poetry for children

My star. Poetry for children

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My star, is a poetry to read aloud to children before bed. A perfect way for children to have very sweet dreams.

Poems help children to stimulate their sensitivity, their feelings, to perceive emotions, in addition to helping them to expand their vocabulary and enhance their memory.

Poetry is a very important literary genre for children, it is present almost without realizing it from birth, and that is because lullabies and lullabies are nothing other than sung poetry.

You can read this poetry to your children before bed, a very tender poem to recite to children.

My star

Leave the window open
that I wait at dawn.
- I'm friends with a star
that he likes my pillow.

And every night after
to wink at me in the dark,
run into my bed
and we both slept together.

The day is when I miss her
with the sun I am cold,
but, at night, my star
come down to be with me.

Juan DueƱas
Book of poems 'Ten out of ten'
Alfar editions

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