Saint Julian's Day, January 9. Names for boys

Saint Julian's Day, January 9. Names for boys

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Julián is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means 'the one who belongs to the house of Julio', carrying, therefore, a great load of nobility and strength. Her relationship with Emperor Julius Caesar is what makes this name ideal for a boy with character and greatness.

Although many parents prefer its Julio variant, Julián is a name that brings more distinction. Celebrate your name day January 9, which is the day of Saint Julian.

The name Julián, in addition to distinction and elegance, brings a certain calm, because Julián is a person with a firm character but without brusqueness, reflexive, rational and pragmatic, although sometimes he gives a distant impression, which is motivated by his shyness and humility.

However, his successes leave impressed those around him in such a way that Julián usually places himself as the example to follow.

Julian is a variant of the name July. It refers to the ancient Roman house Iulia in Italy, one of the founding families of Rome, it is therefore a noble and emblematic lineage. His feminine Julia and Juliana come from the same linguistic family, and it is a particularly attractive name in its French form Jules and its variant in Basque, Julen.

By its own meaning, the name of your son Julian brings to mind the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, but there are many famous people who have borne and still bear the name Julian. Writers, actors, politicians, scientists or composers, and even a California municipality bears the name Julián.

But one of those who gave the name of your son the most popularity was Count Don Julián, that nobleman who was accused of allowing the Moors to enter the Iberian Peninsula as revenge against Don Rodrigo, who had raped his daughter. The episode is surrounded by a large variety of legends, each with a version of the story, but the reality of Don Julián we will never know.

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