Virgin Mary Day, January 1. Names for girls

Virgin Mary Day, January 1. Names for girls

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María is a name for a girl of Hebrew origin that means' exalted ','eminence', a height name that can be perfect for your baby alone or accompanied by any other name that you like.

The name María never goes out of style and is ideal if you like firm and forceful names but without fanfare. Celebrate your onomastics on January 1, which is the day of Santa Maria.

The firmness of name Maria It is shown in that today it maintains its entire validity despite its long tradition of centuries. María has a self-confident personality, with an agile and restless mind, very capable of solving any family conflict. His conciliatory, affable and serene character It makes María very loved and admired by her friends, friendships that also last over time.

The name Maria is a very frequent name throughout the world. Of Hebrew origins in Miriam, Maria is also equivalent to Miren and Mireia. And its French variants, Marie, and English, Mary, are also well known to us. Surely a large number of famous women bearing the name of your daughter. Marie Curie is, without a doubt, the most unique for having been the only person in the world to receive two Nobel Prizes.

One of the most enigmatic women Who bore the name of your daughter was the Greek soprano María Callas, a woman who aroused the interest of half the world both for her artistic career as an opera singer and for her stormy relationship with the owner Aristotle Onassis. We also found another singer, Maria, less spectacular than Callas but more up-to-date, Mariah Carey.

The influence of the name María is felt in all areas, not only in the musical. Literature has also had important figures such as Mary Shelley, author of 'Frankestein or the modern Prometheus' and history reminds us that there were some queens with this name, such as Marie Antoinette. If we have to choose the most special of the places that bear your daughter's name, from the immense list, we choose the Cathedral of Santa María, in Toledo.

To know the origin and meaning For other names who celebrate their saint in the month of January, check our calendar of the names of saints in January. You will find all the curiosities related to the name and date of your birthday.

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