Feed your baby's first Christmas with Danone

Feed your baby's first Christmas with Danone

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For all the fathers and mothers of the world, the first Christmas of our baby is special. Watching you marvel at the lights, sounds and gifts is priceless.

Possibly these are one of theyour baby's first partiesDepending on the month you were born, it may be your first great Christmas experience. As is typical, we get together with the whole family and this time the little one will be the protagonist during these parties.

Despite being still very small and not fully aware of what is happening around him, he will always enjoy seeing new and different elements. Therefore at Christmas we must take advantage of stimulate your senses with the typical symbols of these dates.

For example, we can show you the Christmas tree decorations, which, being bright and very colorful, will attract your attention. Also with the Christmas lights you will begin to perceive new colors and with the Christmas carols we will help you develop your intellectas music is very stimulating for babies. And before taking him to the crib if we tell him a christmas story you will sleep much more peacefully. With all this we are setting the day to day of our baby so that he lives this magical time of year in a special way.

Feed your baby's smile

Dairy products are essential in the diet of the little ones. Feeding the baby will be crucial to ensure its growth, since it is from 6 to 24 months when your baby grows faster and develops the main skills.

At this stage so important for the health and proper growth of the baby, it is very important to give formulated foods for infants. During its first months of life, your little one does not need the same supply of nutrients as a child or an adult, so their diet must be specific.

This special attention in their diet will not only be reflected in the day-to-day of the child, it will also mark their correct development during childhood and later adulthood

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