How to relieve vaginal dryness

How to relieve vaginal dryness

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If there is a problem that may make it difficult at any given time to sexual intercourse, that's the one that has to do with vaginal dryness. Lack of natural lubrication can be dangerous, as the absence of discharge makes the vagina less protected from infection and disease. The vaginal discharge It acts as a natural antibiotic, protecting the vagina from external agents that can damage it, such as cystitis or fungal problems.

In addition, it can also be painful during sex, since genital dryness can cause intercourse to cause physical discomfort on penetration. On the other hand, getting good lubrication can help the conception is more successful, since it is more likely that a pregnancy can be achieved with a satisfactory sexual relationship. Therefore, how to overcome the dryness of the vagina?

- Beware of soaps: Keeping the vagina clean is essential so that lubrication is not lacking. Although dryness can be due to hormonal changes from menstruation, pregnancy, or menopause, it can also be affected by use of soaps that are very aggressive and can alter the pH of the vagina. Therefore, it is advisable to use those soaps or oils that contain neutral pH and that do not alter the vaginal flora, since in addition to the dryness, fungi could appear, which are very annoying.

- Use of lubricants: When vaginal dryness begins to be bothersome in sex, the use of lubricants is one of the best options. These contain properties that help the genitalia to be in better condition and that the sexual intercourse are pleasant and not painful.

Soy consumption: One of the oldest remedies for lubrication is the consumption of soy in the diet. This product contains properties that contribute to the natural production of estrogen, and this helps to produce a natural vaginal lubrication. Introducing soy into food or drink can make the body respond more naturally.

- Correct intimate hygiene: Both excess and lack of intimate hygiene can contribute to the vaginal area becoming dry. Although it is true that stress and lifestyle can cause the vaginal area to dry out, a very important aspect is the hygiene of the genitals. It is advisable not to use harsh soaps or gels for the pH of the vagina in the shower, as well as the fact of changing every three or four hours of tampon or pad during menstruation, or cleaning the area from front to back after urinating to prevent it from being get an infection that in addition to being annoying causes dryness to appear.

- Increased water intake: Although it seems obvious, keeping the body hydrated is very important for health, but not only for the body, but also for intimate areas. A problem of vaginal dryness It can be solved by increasing the daily water intake and providing greater hydration to the body so that it generates flow naturally.

- Use of aloe vera: Aloe vera is one of the 'multipurpose' products that best come to the body when you have certain discomforts. Therefore, it is not surprising that it can also help improve the vagina when it suffers from dryness. The reason for using it is its natural moisturizing capacity, which makes the skin - also that of the delicate intimate hygiene- can return to your being and lubricate naturally. With the aloe vera We can make a homemade lubricant that helps to end this discomfort by applying it in the vaginal area in small doses and that helps to have pleasant and not painful sex.

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