What Anger Teaches Children

What Anger Teaches Children

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Off with his head! Do you remember the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland? That lady who every time someone did or said something they didn't like shouted that "cut off his head!"

She was an angry woman, who at any moment could explode like a bomb. It was the king, small and serene, who looked for a less violent alternative every time his queen lost her nerves, or at least tried. The lady was angry with the world and with everyone who lived in it. Why? What is the use of anger? Do children learn anything from her?

The queen from Alice in Wonderland represents unbridled anger, the frustration in the face of failure, the fear of change, the fear of losing control, the fear of losing their power ... In short, fear. Because anger is nothing but fear when it goes out to fight.

But none of this is explained in the movie. The information is there. Children see it and absorb it, even if they do not understand it. But the fundamental step is missing: transform it into learning.

1. That you explain that uncontrolled anger leads to: violence, accusation, denial, guilt, instability… And none of this makes you happy.

2. To teach them that if you are able to find the origin of that anger: frustration, envy, failure, misunderstanding, fear, you will be able to understand it and begin to undo the knot of feelings.

3. That you explain that we are all afraid. And sometimes our fears and frustrations turn into anger. That is why the Queen of Hearts is the perfect opportunity to address this topic with your children.

4. That you explain to them why that lady reacts like that, who is so angry with everyone.

5. Explain to them that the only way to handle anger is to acknowledge it, accept it and learn to manage it.

Anger does that you feel anger, anger, resentment, fury, irritability. It is the feeling that arises when you feel frustrated by an unfair or adverse situation. Anger will invite your child to action. Your muscles will tense, your blood pressure will rise, your body will release adrenaline ...

The function of anger is to develop defense against attack. It appears quickly and powerfully. It doesn't let you reflect, it's intense and unpleasant. That is why it is difficult to control naturally, that is why you have to learn to do it.

Emotions are wonderful. They drive you. They guide you. They accompany you. But it is essential to learn to handle them with balance so that they do not dominate your life turning it into a roller coaster.

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