Dangerous toys for children

Dangerous toys for children

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Millions of toys are recalled every year, given the risks they may pose to children. It can happen, for example, with dolls, toys and accessories whose small and powerful magnets can become detached.

In fact, those very powerful little magnets become a serious problem. when ingested by children. Several children have had to undergo surgery long ago for a perforated intestine after having ingested several of these magnets.

If ingested, the magnets can attract each other and cause a intestinal perforation, a life-threatening infection or obstruction.

Years ago, a major toy company had to remove 436,000 replicas of a small jeep with the characteristic of the film 'Cars', made in China, because they contained highly toxic lead paint. Lead poisoning can cause vomiting, anemia, and learning difficulties. In extreme cases it can cause severe neurological damage and death. It is not the first time that toys made in China have been the subject of a mass recall.

Other dangers that babies face are toys that include very small parts. Try to avoid toys that contain parts less than 5mm that can be taken apart. Babies put everything in their mouths, and these pieces can cause choking or choking. Paint on toys should not peel off. Make sure it is not toxic and complies with all legal safety regulations.

Stuffed animals must have firm seams and the plush must be short. Avoid wool that is not cotton. Wool can cause allergies and also choking. Also, it is not convenient to leave the baby with a stuffed animal at night.

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