Mastitis in breastfeeding. Symptoms and solutions

Mastitis in breastfeeding. Symptoms and solutions

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Mastitis is one of the most painful and troublesome complications of breastfeeding. The key to treatment is knowing how to recognize the first symptoms early.

We explain what are the main symptoms of mastitis in lactation and what you must do to solve it.

Mastitis it is an infection or inflammation of the breast and is very painful. Among the symptoms or main signs of mastitis are these:

- Reddened areas.

- The chest area is sore.

- Some areas of the chest are hot to the touch.

- Fever.

- 'Flu' feeling of general discomfort.

- Feeling of weakness

The first thing to do is look for the source of the inflammation. For this reason, it is necessary to analyze if the baby clings to the breast correctly, if it empties it properly. Then a culture of breast milk is done, to check if there are any bacteria that have contaminated the milk and that cause the breast infection.

The treatment of mastitis involves administering anti-inflammatory drugs to the nursing mother to eliminate pain and fever. You can also give specific probiotics for the nursing mother, whose function is to repair that flora that has been damaged.

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