I wish it was always Christmas for the children

I wish it was always Christmas for the children

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Around Christmas night, you can see, smell and feel Christmas on all sides. The streets have already turned on the lights and dressed in the colors of the season. Reindeers, Santa Claus, angels and stars move, make sounds, and give a new shine to the decoration, waking us up for Christmas, as if it were an alarm. Not only do the lights shine, there are also a lot of offers and news, for all tastes. Everything shines and jumps especially in the eyes of children.

In toy stores you can already see a large number and variety of products, and people who not only anticipate their purchases but also come to reserve some toys that tend to run out easily.

Skates, radio-controlled cars, bicycles, dolls, consoles, are the most requested by children. Some businesses already advertise extended hours.

But Christmas doesn't just sparkle and shine. It has taste, smell, and sounds. Some stores and supermarkets put Christmas carols, incense, and there are even those that offer their customers a piece of marzipan or nougat.

Traffic on the Internet increases, as well as the famous tickets of the Christmas lottery. Soon we will be able to visit the nativity scenes, nativity scenes and trees scattered around the city.

We will send the congratulations, more via the internet than by other means, we will meet again with family, friends, and we will get together to celebrate one of the most anticipated parties of the year.

And in the middle of all this decorative arsenal, resides a Christmas, a contagious spirit within each one of us. We are invaded by the need to give gifts, to give something to someone, to draw a smile on the faces of our children and loved ones.

We become kinder and more generous, and we even manage to extend our gaze beyond our 'terrain', towards the disadvantaged and needy. After all, Christmas has no passport, no social status, no color, no distinction ... I wish it was always Christmas!

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