How excess television affects children

How excess television affects children

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In the world we live in today, it has become essential for technology to appear in our day to day life. Television, computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. They are accessible to children from a very young age and this influences their learning.

But the use of these devices ... Is it bad for the health and learning of the little ones? Or, on the contrary, does it contribute to their intellectual and social development?

The television is not in itself good or bad, but its effect on the development of children depends on several factors such as:

1. The type of content the child sees. How the programs you watch on television can affect your child is closely related to his ability to understand what is happening on the screen. This competence is developed progressively during their childhood and improves with experience.

Therefore, it is important that this type of content is regulated. Very few parents do it, many times out of ignorance and sometimes because of lack of time. Not all content is suitable for children.

2. TThe time the child spends in front of the television. The average number of hours a child spends in front of the television in Spain is 2 hours and 44 minutes a day. This amount of time is a figure that does not stop growing. We live in an age where television has often become the babysitter for children when parents are unable to care for their children.

Spending a lot of time in front of the TV can cause sleep disturbances. There may also be a decrease in school performance, isolation, violent behaviors among other effects.

3. When there is no control over its use within the family, communication is broken. In addition to the emotional problems that excessive television consumption can cause, being a sedentary activity can bring problems such as being overweight and obesity.

Many times we identify children as passive and defenseless viewers. But, far from this belief that adults have, children have a very active role in the elaboration that they make of the content they perceive through television. Parents must be aware of this and take advantage of the advantages that this medium offers us to help children develop critical attitudes and limit negative effects as much as possible.

TV helps children develop certain skills. Programs with educational content have a lot of value and it has been shown that they are beneficial for the little ones in the house. To ensure positive TV experiences parents can:

- Watch the programs with your children.

- Put limits on the amount of time children spend in front of the TV.

- Help choose programs appropriate to the child's developmental level.

- Turn off the television before inappropriate programs.

- Encourage discussions with your children about what they are watching while watching programs together.

- Establish periods with the TV turned off. Family meal or study period.

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