Tricks to make breastfeeding your baby a pleasure

Tricks to make breastfeeding your baby a pleasure

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Breastfeeding is the healthiest, most complete and natural way of feeding that you can offer your baby, but its establishment is not always simple and simple, and sometimes it gets complicated.

From experience I can tell you that when the secrets to breastfeeding are unknown, problems can arise that are easily prevented by using a series of tricks.

My first son was taken to the nest as soon as he was born and I didn't see him again until four hours after the birth. When they put the baby to the breast, he began to reject him, he did not want to breastfeed and, at that moment, my problems began. On the other hand, with the second, my gynecologist placed the baby on my breast in the same delivery room and breastfeeding was a real pleasure for me because, from that moment, everything rolled on wheels.

And is that to start breastfeeding on the right foot, my gynecologist insisted that it was necessary to bring my baby to the breast in the first hour after delivery, whether it was natural or by cesarean section. So, he did it, as soon as he was born, he put my son to my breast, then I saw him for the first time, he pressed my breast, a little colostrum came out and he began to suckle. That moment was very special and the omen that, this time, yes, everything would be fine. When the baby is born is alert, awake and his sucking instinct is very powerful.

The nipple-seeking reflex can be further stimulated if the mother lets out a little milk to increase the baby's willingness to latch on. This experience is not forgotten and facilitates the baby's interest in breastfeeding in the following feedings. However, two hours after being born, babies enter a lethargic state, lasting 6 to 12 hours, in which they lose interest in sucking, feel tired and just want to sleep. The position of the baby on my body for breastfeeding was another of the most important lessons. Positioning is essential to facilitate latch on. The baby's mouth must be wide open so that he can extract the milk from the nipple, his eyes must look towards the mother and his body must rest on the mother's belly. Another important recommendation to establish the bond between mother and child is to create the right climate.

During the feedings, my gynecologist recommended peace and quiet. At the hospital I would ask visitors to leave the room for a few minutes, and then at home I began to do the same. The mother's breast provides nourishment, love and warmth, its touch calms and reassures the baby and the mother's voice offers security. Feeding my baby on demand, every time he asked, also helped stimulate his sucking instinct for the first few days. A 10 or 15 minute blowjob on each breast, every hour and a half or two hours can be normal until little by little, the milk is changing and gathering more calories. Then the baby will ask for the breast every three hours. To take care of the good condition of the nipples, it is advisable to smear them with milk after each feeding, as it provides them with hydration. I avoided pacifiers and bottles to avoid making a mess for my son and breastfeeding became a pleasant experience like no other, which I lasted until he was eleven months old. Now that you are going to be a mom, put all this into practice, I recommend it. Live it.

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