Causes of postpartum back pain

Causes of postpartum back pain

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During the pregnancy, there are many discomforts that affect a woman's body. From the hormonal changes that are noticed on the skin, through joint pain or fluid retention. However, once the baby is born there are other physical problems that can appear after pregnancy.

One of them is back pain, which can be caused by the pregnancy itself and the baby's weight during the nine months, or which can appear after giving birth. But what causes cause the Back pain during the postpartum?

1. Muscle contracture in childbirth:The mother's effort during vaginal delivery can cause back pain to appear once the entire delivery process is over. The muscle strength in the lower back - especially in the pelvis - it can end with the appearance of a large lumbar contracture that can develop after giving birth.

2. Pelvic dilation:For the child to be born, the pelvis has to get bigger, which can throw it off balance or cause it to expand too much, and then cause aunexpected back pain that appears postpartum. It is just the back part, which connects the pelvis with the spine, which can be damaged momentarily when the baby is born.

3. Coccyx displacement: In light of the back pain produced in the delivery itself, it is advisable to consider the displacement of the coccyx in addition to the dilation of the pelvis. The coccyx can be displaced at the time of delivery by the effort of the mother, and also by the deviation of the vertebrae caused by the baby in the birth canal, which would cause back pain.

4. Epidural puncture: Although it is a great solution for labor pains, many women later suffer back pain from its medical application. Placing the epidural does not have to cause pain, but many times there can be a displacement of some tissue that is what causes the pain suffered after giving birth, although the ailments have decreased at the time of delivery.

5. Milk rise: In addition to a fundamental cause for postpartum back pain, which is the effort itself, it is necessary to consider the rise in milk, which usually occurs between 48 and 72 hours after delivery. This can cause mild back pain after childbirth due to the pressure that some women experience on the chest and posterior area.

6. Incorrect postures when breastfeeding: Breastfeeding a baby is not as simple as it seems, and it must be taken into account that in addition to the well-being of the child, it is also recommended that the mother is comfortable. A bad posture When breastfeeding the child, it can cause contractures to appear in the upper or lower part of the back just after giving birth, when the muscles are weaker. Therefore, it is advisable to find the perfect posture in which neither the neck, the back nor the kidneys suffer while the child enjoys the Breastfeeding.

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