Homemade snowmen. Christmas crafts and recipes

Homemade snowmen. Christmas crafts and recipes

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In We teach you to make different Christmas decorations and recipes with one of the Christmas figures as the protagonist: the snowman or snowman.

They are very easy to do and many of them are made with recycling material so they are also inexpensive and, above all, very fun for children.

Here you have a fun selection of snowmen, some serve to decorate and others you can even eat

Decoration with snowman. On our site we teach you how to make a beautiful setting with Christmas trees and snowmen that you can put in the children's room. A great way to teach children to create their own Christmas decorations.

Snowman ornament. What ornaments are you going to hang on your Christmas tree this year? On our site we suggest you make them at home in an easy and fun way. We teach you to make ornaments in the shape of Rudolph, Santa Claus's reindeer, and a snowman.

Snowman with tweezers. Snowman with tweezers. Christmas handcrafts. In GuiaInfantil we show you how with wooden clothespins you can make different ornaments to decorate at Christmas, among them, this nice snowman you can place on the Christmas tree.

Cardboard snowman. Cardboard snowman. Crafts for children made with recycling material. Ideas for making homemade Christmas decorations with children.

Snowman with ice cream sticks. Snowman ornament for the Christmas tree. How to make a snowman with ice cream sticks to decorate the Christmas tree. Christmas decoration crafts with ice cream sticks.

Snowman with dishes. Recycling snowman. Recycling crafts with cardboard plates. Crafts for children to make Christmas decorations to decorate the house.

Cardboard snowman. Guiainfantil proposes the manual elaboration of a snowman. A great and very original idea for children to decorate the house at Christmas. An ideal activity, with which the little ones in the house will have fun developing it and playing with it.

Snowman with mozzarella. Mozzarella snowman. Christmas canapes. This year we propose you to make different and original recipes, it is about exquisite Christmas canapes with original shapes.

Snowman with banana. Original Christmas desserts with fruits for children. Make a doll of nine with banana slices and other fruits for the dessert of Christmas dinner. Step by step recipe of fruit dessert in the shape of a snowman.

Snowman mask. Snowmen are one of the symbols of Christmas. On our site we teach you how to make a mask to disguise children. It is a recycling craft made with cardboard plates, it is simple and inexpensive and, above all, it is very fun.

Snowman with balloons. On our site we show you how to make a nice and colorful design of a Frosty or snowman with balloons. A very easy and fun craft to make that can decorate your home during Christmas or at a birthday party.

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