Snowball for Christmas with a glass jar

Snowball for Christmas with a glass jar

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If there is something that excites children at Christmas, it is its magic. Y the snowballs they are something truly magical for them. therefore, this craft will surely love them.

We teach you to do your own christmas snow globe with a snowman inside. With a little imagination, you can replace the snowman with the figure that you like the most: an angel, a reindeer, a house ... offers you the step by step so you can learn to do this craft without problems.

  • Glass jar
  • Glue gun
  • White Christmas balls
  • Wire or pipe cleaners
  • Foam
  • Buttons
  • Purpurin
  • Golden stars

1. Join two Christmas balls to make the snowman. To do this, remove the part of the ball that is used to hang from the tree and hit on that part one ball with another.

2. Use two buttons to make the snowman buttons, and an orange button to make the nose.

3. Paint the snowman's eyes and mouth, and make a hat out of black felt.

4. Now we have to make a tree. It is made with pipe cleaning wire. Shape it with the help of a cardboard cone. Roll it around the cone and you will have a fantastic little tree. Then you hit a star on top.

5. Pieces of white foam rubber are cut to fill the can. Those pieces stick to the bottom of the pot. And the snowman and the tree are glued on top. Let dry.

6. Then add gold glitter and stars. Fill with water and ... voila! You already have your Christmas snowball!

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