The name Daniel. Origin and meaning

The name Daniel. Origin and meaning

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If you are expecting a boy you are surely looking for inspiration to choose the name of the baby. You can look at the current names, those that they are trend these days but at the same time have a long tradition.

If you are looking for a name for a boy in 2016, you will surely come across Daniel, a name that we love because it is simple, exudes affection and is presented completely renewed as a modern name. Discover the origin and meaning of name Daniel.

The name Daniel is of Hebrew origin and means 'God's justice'. It is a traditional name with so much outside that it is able to present itself totally renewed generation after generation. We like it because it is a familiar name and because of the affection it transmits to us. He celebrates his name day on July 21, which is the day of Saint Daniel.

This name is a safe bet for a child at all times, but now it has become one of the most popular names for 2016. And it is a name that we never tire of hearing and that we recognize in all languages ​​with a lots of well-known characters who wear it. Has the perfect mix between tradition and modernity.

The possibilities offered by this name are also interesting, such as its diminutives Dani or Dan and its exhilarating Italian version, Danilo. Few names for boys find the character and charisma of Daniel, who also remains oblivious to the passage of time and always turns out to be a fully topical name.

For families fleeing from weird and wacky names and for those looking for a boy's name that never go out of style or outdated, Daniel is the perfect choice. And with that musicality that surrounds the name that is so difficult to resist, your child will be delighted that the name Daniel prints character in his personality.

Laura Velez. Editor of our site

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