10 resolutions of parents for the year 2016

10 resolutions of parents for the year 2016

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Changes we can make to properly educate our children


Although we take many years apart from them and we believe that our children can contribute little to us other than affection, children can teach us attitudes that adults take over time, such as prejudices or taking advantage of the day to day.

When children are close to preadolescence, friends can become more important to them than family, so it is very important to get to know their friends to know what behavior they can imitate from them.

Contrary to what many parents believe, the school is only one of those responsible for the education of children, we, parents, must continue the work that our children's teachers do at school.

As is known to all, children imitate what they see. So if we want our child to have values ​​on which to base his behavior, we parents must be the first to set an example with values ​​such as respect, discipline or effort.

Although we should not always be on top of our children and we have to let them be self-sufficient, we cannot allow them to confuse freedom with ignoring the rules. For a better coexistence it is necessary that we apply limits.

On many occasions, the childish behavior of our children can end our patience, but we must think that they are children and do not do anything that is not normal for their age. For this new year we can consider being more understanding with their attitude.

A father must also be a friend to his son. We trust them to tell us about all their problems and we must extend our hand to help them. We have to spend more time knowing what is wrong with them and how they are doing since we are a very important part of their education.

Sometimes when we lack patience, we tend to promise our children that if they behave well they will have a reward. We cannot promise them something that we will not be able to give them because otherwise their behavior will not change in another similar situation and also their trust in their parents will decrease.

Although we come home very tired after a long working day, it is very important to strengthen family ties that we take a little time to play, have fun and laugh with them.

Children are very sensitive and their way of being in the future will depend on their education, so it is essential to try to educate them with calm and patience, avoid yelling and disrespect.