Symptoms of ectopic or extrauterine pregnancy

Symptoms of ectopic or extrauterine pregnancy

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Ectopic or extrauterine gestation is a pregnancy that occurs outside the uterine cavity, it can occur either in the fallopian tubes or in the cervix. Sometimes they occur ectopic pregnancies in the area that connects the uterus with the tube and there are even embryos that settle outside the uterus and the tubes, inside the abdominal cavity.

The Dr. Victoria Verdú, coordinator of Gynecology at the Ginefiv assisted reproduction clinic and an expert in fertility at the Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SEGO), sheds light on the symptoms and causes of ectopic pregnancies.

When a pregnancy occurs outside the uterine cavity, the embryos are not viable, they do not have the ability to move forward. "Making a good diagnosis of an extrauterine pregnancy is of vital importance because if this pregnancy evolves and the tube ruptures or abdominal bleeding occurs, the woman's life is in danger", explains Dr. Verdú.

- Pain in the lower abdomen, which could be greater when coughing or doing belly.

- Presence of bleeding or hemorrhage for several days.

- Nausea and dizziness, although in this case it is difficult to differentiate it from the classic discomforts of pregnancy.

- If the fallopian tube breaks, apart from the pain there would be severe bleeding.

- Low back pain

At this time, through ultrasound, through the tests that are carried out to detect pregnancy, most of the extrauterine pregnancies that occur can be detected. It is a serious disease and it is necessary to be very aware of it.

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