Importance of vitamin K for children and pregnant women

Importance of vitamin K for children and pregnant women

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Taking vitamins is important at all times of life, but children and pregnant women should pay special attention to their diet so that all the vitamins and minerals that the body needs are included.

On this occasion we analyze the importance of vitamin K for children and pregnant women and we look for the foods richest in vitamin K.

Although we need all vitamins to be in good health, each vitamin has a role in the body. Vitamin K cannot be lacking because its deficiency can cause serious health risks. The importance of vitamin K is seen in its different functions.

- This vitamin K is essential for the blood clotting, so in some places it is administered to the newborn to prevent possible bleeding.

- Along with vitamin D, vitamin K is involved in the process to assimilate The calcium, so it is essential in times of growth.

- It is also a preventive vitamin for some cases of osteoporosis, protecting the health of the bones of children and pregnant women.

- Vitamin K can prevent some heart diseases and some studies link it to a lower incidence of Cancer. In addition, it is important for good liver function.

The best way for children and pregnant women to obtain all vitamins and minerals to protect your health is through a varied and healthy diet. But if we want a greater presence of vitamin K in the daily diet, these are the richest foods.

- Green leafy vegetables contain the most vitamin K in addition to providing many other vitamins. Spinach, chard Y watercress They should not be lacking in infant feeding, even though children are reluctant to vegetables.

- We continue with vegetables as an important source of vitamin K that we find in one of the healthiest foods that is broccoli and also in the Brussels sprouts.

- Asparagus Y pickles They are foods that also provide a lot of vitamin K, so they can be included in the diet during pregnancy and in that of children.

- Some spices like cilantro, the basil or the thyme they contain a lot of vitamin K and are excellent for enhancing the flavor of dishes.

- Among the fruits that contain more vitamin K we find the raspberries, the blackberries, the blueberries and the figsIdeal to include in breakfast or in the children's snack.

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