Moving explanation of a father's attack on his son in Paris

Moving explanation of a father's attack on his son in Paris

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How can a child understand that there are people who kill, without more? How can a parent explain to their child how to defend themselves against these dangers? And how can the little one understand that a flower is the only thing he has for an answer?

A journalist captured a moving dialogue between a father and his son in the same place where tribute is paid to all the victims of the Paris attack. The area, covered with flowers and candles, served the father to reflect with his son on good and evil.

The French journalist saw a father with a little boy of about 6 years old placing a candle as a memory for the victims of the attack. First, he asked the little boy: 'Do you understand what happened? Do you understand why this has happened? ' The little boy did not hesitate to answer: 'Yes, that they are very, very bad, and bad people are not pretty ... and we have to be careful and move house. '

The boy's father, catching her concern, quickly responded: 'No, don't worry, we don't have to move. France is our home. ' To which the little one replied: 'Yes, but there are bad people, dad.' 'Bad people are everywhere,' replied his father.

The little boy continued with his reflection: 'But they have guns and they can shoot us, because they are very very bad, Dad.' To which his father replies: 'Well, they have weapons but we have flowers' ... 'But flowers don't do anything, Dad,' says his son worried. 'Yes they do', answers his father ...'Look, all this is full of flowers, and it is to fight the guns'. The child observes them and reflects: 'Is it to protect us? 'Exactly', answers his father. 'And the candles too?' Asks the little boy. "The candles are to remember those who left," he answers. The child is thoughtful and ends by saying: 'Flowers and candles are here to protect us'.

Perhaps the little one does not understand the metaphor with which his father tries to explain that in front of the weapons, the only possible answer is a flower. Maybe I just needed to hear these words: 'they protect you'. The little ones, faced with an attack, before a catastrophe, before an irreparable and violent loss, what they need, above all, is to feel protected. Try to get them to express their doubts and name their emotions. It is best to use simple words, words that they can understand.

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