When the child has too many Christmas presents

When the child has too many Christmas presents

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Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men will arrive shortly, laden with gifts for the children who have behaved well and have been good during the year. During these dates, the children are filled with gifts and toysSo many that, in most cases, we can say that there are too many.

Sometimes children are given such a large number of toys that they look overwhelmed, ending up paying attention to very few of them, and it is not uncommon to see children surrounded by toys, and saying that they are bored.

This avalanche of toys makes children are overstimulated, causing them not to have time to learn to be alone and to tolerate the frustration that is triggered when, at a certain moment, they can get bored, or not know what to do ... And this is a mistake, because the only person we can assure you will be our life partner, unconditionally until the end of our days, is ourselves.

That is why, from a young age, we have to learn to love ourselves, and to be comfortable with ourselves. Therefore, it is good for children to learn to be alone for a while. When they are little, we have to leave the game directed, telling them to go playing with these cars, or with this doll, or set up the class to play teachers, that mom or dad will come back in a little while to see what you are doing and, that time, each time is getting longer.

Of course, it is good for children to do activities, but today, there are some children who have a very busy schedule, with little free time to play, to learn to have fun and to be alone or with their siblings. Children have to learn to be bored, starting with tolerating the frustration that not having a plan continuously can produce. It is not good that an adult is constantly guiding your activities, including leisure.

With the excess of toys, a similar thing happens.There are children who have almost everything available in the market, and they are not able to enjoy it. Why? On many occasions because they do not value it. When things are given to us and we have not had to make an effort to achieve them, we do not value them as much as what we have fought for, what we have worked for and that it has cost us an effort to achieve. The Magi and Santa Claus bring gifts to children who have been good during the year, and it is very important to emphasize this part to children, because in this way we can link these gifts, toys, to the child's behavior, to the effort you have made during the year.

There are children who receive too many toys, and they get together with so many gifts, that they forget and are not able to attend to all of them. Let's be reasonable and use common sense, let's not fill the child with unnecessary toys and gifts. The ideal is to agree previously with family and friends.

Children will choose their gifts, guided by their tastes and by the advertisements they have seen on television, toys that they have seen other friends ..., but that does not mean that parents direct the letter based on age and needs of each child. Thus, for example, it is always good to include reading books, activity notebooks, pencils, paints, cases ... that can be used as school supplies.

Another toy they will get a lot out of is a blackboard, Well, if they are younger they will love to play the teachers, and when they are older it will serve as a support to work at home with homework. And let's not forget a fundamental premise: Let's teach children to value what they have.

Silvia Álava Sordo, psychologist
Director of the Children's Area
from the Álava Reyes Consultores Center for Psychology.
Contributor to our site

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