The importance of vitamin A for children and pregnant women

The importance of vitamin A for children and pregnant women

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For our body to function properly we need all the vitamins, those substances that our body gets through food and that keep us energized and in good health.

That is why it is so important to eat a healthy and balanced diet that provides us with all the nutrients, but those who must be most attentive to obtain all the vitamins are children and pregnant women. We began to analyze the importance of vitamins with the Vitamin A.

Vitamin A, which is also known as retinolIt is necessary in the diet of pregnant women and also in infant feeding because it is essential for the development of bones, among other things. Children and pregnant women need vitamin A for many reasons:

- Vitamin A is essential to maintain the vision health, both during pregnancy and for babies who are developing the sense of sight and for children in full growth.

- Being an antioxidant, this vitamin A is essential to delay cellular aging, something that seems very far from the needs of children but is not so much, since the organism has memory and we must start taking care of it from the first moment.

- Take the right amount of vitamin A During pregnancy and providing it to children in their daily diet is essential for bone development and to avoid bone damage.

- The immune system also needs vitamin A to fight infections and respiratory diseases, so common in children and babies.

- One of the Principal functions of vitamin A that especially affects pregnant women and children is to maintain the health of the teeth, nails and skin.

The only way to guarantee all the nutrients is by eating a varied and healthy diet. But if we want to place special emphasis on get vitamin A, we can find it in the following foods.

- Milk, butter, cheeses, yogurts and dairy products in general are foods rich in vitamin A, as well as the eggs.

- Among the meats that contain the most vitamin A we find beef and chicken. And you have to take into account liver benefits as a source of vitamins.

- Among the vegetables it is convenient to highlight those Orange as rich in vitamin A, such as pumpkin or carrot, but also those of green leaf among which broccoli, cabbage or spinach stand out.

- In fruits we also find vitamin A, especially in mango, papaya, apricot and melon.

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