The most effective fruits and vegetables to lose weight after childbirth

The most effective fruits and vegetables to lose weight after childbirth

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If there is something that all mothers are clear after giving birth, it is that it is convenient to return as soon as possible to the figure they had before the pregnancy. Beyond the aesthetic issue, the importance of regain size It is also due to a concept of health, to be healthier and more active and not carry unnecessary kilos after giving birth. That is why it is convenient to know what fruits and vegetables they are the ones that best adapt to the body to lose weight after being a mother.

- Lettuce, cabbage and spinach: These are some of the green vegetables that you should not lose sight of to lose weight after pregnancy. The properties they provide are essential in any diet, because they are rich in fiber but at the same time they do not provide many calories to the body and are low in carbohydrates. The green vegetables they are perfect to accompany white meat or grilled fish thanks to their nutritional value and their low caloric intake to the body.

- Broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower. These are the so-called cruciferous vegetables and they have large nutritional properties, such as the fact that they provide fiber and protein, while easily removing the feeling of hunger. It is a great option to preside over the low-calorie dishes that we need after pregnancy.

- Artichokes, leeks and asparagus: All three foods have diuretic properties, which have substances that contribute to transit, which help to expel their properties through the urine. They also have vitamins that help to lose weight faster, as is the case with vitamin B or minerals such as iron and magnesium.

- Pumpkin and zucchini:The best of zucchini is that it provides less than twenty calories per hundred grams, so it is essential when preparing rich creams to eat. It is also good for a postpartum diet because it speeds up the metabolism and removes accumulated fat from the body when we want to lose weight. Refering to pumpkin, it is also a vegetable m

- Lemon:Is the best citric to lose weight and to help lose excess fat. The best thing it brings is that it is a natural cleansing in blood for the body and that it is highly recommended to drink on an empty stomach to cleanse ourselves from the inside. In addition, we can also use lemon not only as a drink, but as a dressing to avoid vinegar and oil in salads.

- Pineapple: If there is one diuretic fruit and especially dedicated to the concept of diet, that is the pineapple. Its fundamental property for slim down it is that it eliminates fluids, favors intestinal transit and contributes to satiate and lose weight more easily. In addition, it is also rich in fiber and manages to avoid constipation. The antioxidant properties that they keep are also present because it is rich in vitamins and minerals.

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