What children learn at the age of 8

What children learn at the age of 8

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Children when they are 8 years old enter a stage of development where friendship and the discovery of the environment are the protagonists, for this reason in this stage 8-year-old boys and girls love to play with their friends, 'do experiments', discover things in nature, planting plants in the home garden, etc.

At this age, 8-year-olds enjoy solving problems independently without the need of the adult, their ability to concentrate is much higher than in previous ages and therefore are able to use their own resources before seeking help from an adult or a partner. At this stage they have a much more developed thinking and that is why they are able to solve problems and be more creative on their own. But this is only just beginning, because what else do 8-year-olds learn?

1. Children with 8 years establish a good reading and are able to enjoy it and learn new things.

2. The writing continues to develop and each time they have better strategies which will help him to improve a lot in school.

3. Comprehension improves markedly in reading and conversations with others, they are able to apply and learn new vocabulary with which to understand texts and conversations, as well as to communicate better.

4. They are able to choose reading or other hobbies based on their personal interests and tastes.

5. They are able to count and understand up to a thousand, they know how to add and subtract and they are able to start with good multiplication skills. Simple problems become easy for them.

6. The motor stages approach the stage of maturity and allow some children to be able to perform traditional sports. Your ability for sport will make you more or less interested in sport in the future.

7. At this age children enjoy sharing their knowledge and experiences with others, they like to share their point of view in order to learn more and more. They are able to show their emotions in response to the environment.

8. They are able to understand emotions, what they mean and use them depending on the situations they have to face at one time or another.

9. At this age they still depend on the safety of the adult to be able to feel in balance and harmony with the environment, although they want to show their independence and their ability to think uniquely, at the same time need adult security to be emotionally well and feeling balanced, especially in situations where they feel anxious or stressed.

At these ages it is necessary for parents to promote group activities so that children have the opportunity to interact with other peers. Likewise, it is also important that they are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities according to their tastes and interests in order to discover their talents and thus enhance them (but without saturating their agenda, since they are children and must have enough time each day to play and discover on your own).

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