Talented children. Bright, precocious and genius children

Talented children. Bright, precocious and genius children

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Most gifted children read and write above the expected level, have a very rich vocabulary, and have a capacity for a deep understanding of science. But this talent can also be observed in all the arts (drawing, painting, sculpture, ballet or dance, song, music, theater ...) and in the intellectual and athletic capacity for sports competition (gymnastics, athletics, soccer, basketball, tennis, skiing, horse riding ...).

Talented children have a highly relevant aptitude in a specific area, related to academic, artistic or creative fields. A talent is a person who deeply loves working in a certain area, deeply understands their art, and can easily express their creations in this area.

Early detection of innate talent in children is essential for the development of their abilities. Some of the characteristics that distinguish these children are:

- Precocity: this term refers to a remarkable early development. Many highly talented children show precociousness in certain areas.

- Intuition: ability to perceive a truth clearly in an instant, without the use of reasoning.

- Genuine spirit: it is sometimes used to indicate a particular ability or aptitude in some area and more often to indicate extreme and rare intellectual authority.

- Creativity: ability to express new and useful ideas for thought, novel clarifications and important relationships.

The traditional definition of talent is generally based on children's intelligence, which can be measured through IQ tests. Traditionally, children are considered talented when they have scores above 130 on classic intelligence tests. And in relation to this brilliant, brilliant, prodigious or gifted intelligence, numerous terms have emerged to name or identify talented children.

Thus, for example, genius, gifted, brilliant, precocious or prodigy are some terms that are associated with the exceptionality of children, with talent in a specific area of ​​knowledge, whether in the field of science or in the arts. However, these terms are often used synonymously and lead to some confusion.

Genius. Genius is defined in terms of exceptional creative products. This category includes people who make very relevant contributions, produce new conceptual structures that lead to paradigmatic changes in a discipline, in the art form, in a profession or in some field of knowledge.

Gifted. This word comes from the English termgifted, which literally translated from English means “gifted”. The term gifted is generally applied to the subject whose intellectual or academic capacity is clearly superior to the subjects of the same age.

Sparkly. Term that has been used to refer to the person with a high degree of intelligence, compared to their peers. It has also been associated with the moderately gifted intellectual.

Early. It refers to the significant advance in development processes according to standardized parameters in children. The precocious child initiates an activity below the average lower threshold considered normal for its appearance.

Prodigy. It is the person who performs an extraordinary activity for his age; You get a product that stands out in a specific field that competes with adult performance levels. In addition, the prodigy is considered as an individual who shows a speed that makes him appear qualitatively different from other peers.

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