How to stimulate memory in babies

How to stimulate memory in babies

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Memory is the ability we have to retain information and have it available when we need it. Memory arises from the moment of birth, although in an unconscious way and it evolves as the baby grows.

Memory and learning go hand in hand, therefore, it is very important to stimulate it from a very young age, adapting to the evolutionary stage in which they are, since many of the stimuli that the child receives will be stored in their memory forever.

- Establish a secure attachment attending to his needs with affection but without overprotecting him. It will increase their security and self-esteem and therefore also their disposition towards learning.

- Establishes routines of food, rest, hygiene and play from birth.

- Play with your baby peekaboo taking advantage of moments such as dressing him (permanence of the object).

- Hide toys for him to find them using all kinds of materials and textures (boxes, wrapping paper or silver paper, burying objects in sand, etc.) to also stimulate all sensory modalities (visual, tactile, auditory).

- Take any opportunity to show you new objects and situations, repeating their names or explaining them to them to also increase their vocabulary. If he already knows how to speak, ask him to name them.

- Simple puzzles and stack-and-fit toys will enhance their visual and spatial memory.

- Sing songs to him (children learn best through songs) and read stories to him as he flips through them, as it will help him identify objects and situations, as well as develop logical and temporal reasoning.

- Promotes their autonomy and the search for his own solutions to his 'little' problems in order to favor his solving capacity (for example, allow him to manage only to get a toy that he does not reach before giving it to him directly.

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