Cheesecake recipes for the whole family

Cheesecake recipes for the whole family

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Cheese provides protein and calcium, essential in the growing season and during pregnancy. So, the cheesecake it becomes an excellent option as a dessert or why not, as a snack.

You can take advantage of this sweet dessert to give it an original touch and add some ingredient, and why not, to cook with the children. You will see that they have a good time!

Blueberry, strawberry, chocolate cheesecake ... even coffee. Here you will find very varied recipes to make Delicious cheesecakes or cheesecake. We explain how to do each of them, step by step.

Cheesecake with margarine. Cheesecake is a traditional dessert highly appreciated by parents and children. It is a simple and light cake, ideal for dessert or for a family celebration. We teach you how to make a traditional cheesecake, step by step, in an easy and fast way, with the participation of children.

Cheesecake with coffee. Coffee cheesecake recipe, ideal for family desserts. An easy and quick recipe to make. We teach you how to make this cheesecake with coffee step by step.

Traditional cheese cake. Cheesecakes are a perfect dessert proposal when we want a light and delicious sweet. our site has prepared a traditional recipe for the classic NY cheesecake, without an oven. We teach you how to make it, step by step and with photos, following an easy and quick recipe to prepare.

Cheesecake with cherries. This cherry cheesecake recipe is great for dessert or for a kid's birthday party, because it ties the cheese and fruit to the cookies and it looks great.

Chocolate cheesecake. This chocolate cheesecake is a very simple and easy recipe to make. Follow the recipe step by step. Kids are going to love it.

Cheesecake with berries. Cheesecake or cheesecake recipe for children's dessert. With this cheese cake that our site offers you, you will get a simple, soft and fresh dessert that can accompany any meal.

Pina colada cheesecake. Pina colada cheesecake recipe. An ideal cheesecake for the hottest seasons. A quick and easy recipe to make for dessert or a children's birthday party.

Cheesecake with oreo cookies. Have you ever imagined making a cheesecake with the base made of Oreo cookies? The combination of chocolate and cheese will leave children with water in their mouths.

Japanese cheesecake. We teach you how to make a cheesecake with only three ingredients. It is a Japanese dessert that will delight the sweet tooth. Cheese, eggs and white chocolate. You don't need more.

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