How and why to donate breast milk

How and why to donate breast milk

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Breast milk is the most complete, healthy and nutritious food that the newborn can receive. Breastfeeding begins from the first moments after the baby is born and has to last, according to the WHO, mainly up to six months and, if possible, up to two years of the baby. However, there are mothers who for some reason cannot breastfeed their babies. For these little ones and thinking about their well-being, the Breast Milk Banks were created.

Breastfeeding is not an easy task for a new mother, at least for me it was not, the first days were nonsense. I wanted to do it right but I doubted if I had enough milk, if the position was correct, if my baby was satisfied or if he needed more feedings. After a visit to the midwife, I solved all my doubts and everything improved a lot. And even more so with my second son. I had so much milk that I accumulated several surplus jars in the fridge. Too bad not to have known the Breast Milk Banks at that time.

Why donate breast milk? The answer is clear: because it saves lives. These donations have contributed to reducing neonatal death. It is generally used with babies who are hospitalized with serious illnesses, premature babies, allergic to artificial formulas or with immune deficiencies. Thanks to this method, it is proven that babies recover faster, spend less time in the hospital and have fewer complications.

Who can be a milk donor? Any woman who is breastfeeding her baby, does not smoke or drink alcohol, or uses medications that are incompatible with breastfeeding. It is possible that the Milk Bank will perform or order prenatal checkups to assess the mother's health.

How to be a breast milk donor? You can find out at your own health center. Your midwife or pediatrician will tell you which Human Milk Bank you can donate to. Once you contact them, they will inform you of the procedure you have to follow.

How is breast milk expressed? The breast milk center will inform you about how to collect it: hygienic measures, method ... However, you can generally go to these centers to donate it there or perform the extraction at home. In this case, it is usually done with a breast pump and sterile bottles provided by the same center.

How is milk preserved? Once obtained, it must be labeled indicating the date of extraction. The refrigerator is the most appropriate place to keep it until we take it to a Breast Milk Bank. You should not wait more than 15 days to do it.

How is breast milk given to babies? The staff usually process the received milk before giving it to the baby to eliminate possible contaminants. Milk is usually pasteurized and analyzed to give each baby the milk that is best for him. To administer it they use spoons, probes or cups. It is not usually administered with a bottle.

How much does breast milk cost? Is free. The donation is voluntary and whoever receives it has to pay absolutely nothing.

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