Drug allergy in children

Drug allergy in children

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Theallergic reactions They occur when our body recognizes a substance, called an allergen, as bad for health. This contact causes an exaggerated response that appears in various areas of the body.

The allergen is often a type of medicine that is taken to fight a disease or alleviate an ailment. Between 5% and 10% of the most common adverse drug reactions are allergic, which means that the patient's defense system overreacts to the drug.

Allergic drug reactions occur because the child's or adult's body reacts against the medicine that has been taken. An allergy never occurs in the first taking of the medicine, but certain doses must be taken for the reaction to take place.

The allergic reactions Drugs have several symptoms, the most frequent being urticaria, which appears shortly after the allergy occurs, and the rash. Fever may also occur.

The most serious symptoms that can occur are attacks of anaphylaxis or worrisome skin reactions. In addition, the child or adult may have vomiting, diarrhea, rhinoconjunctivitis or breathing difficulties.

To do a study of drug allergy, the symptoms that have appeared after have the drug, the composition of the medicine, what they were given for, how long it took for symptoms to appear, how long they lasted, and whether they went away on their own or needed treatment.

If the reaction was severe and the responsible drug is known, the diagnosis is made without testing, only by medical history. But if the reaction was not very serious or several medicines,an allergological study should be carried out, the usual allergy tests.

Allergic drug reactions do not have a specific treatment. The only possible treatment, once diagnosed, is to prevent the child from taking the drug in question and the other drugs from the same family. You can also resort to desensitization, which consists of administering a medicine to a patient who is allergic.

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