7 activities that stimulate the child's abilities

7 activities that stimulate the child's abilities

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Early childhood is the stage of a person's life in which more things are learned more easily. That is why we often say that children are like sponges, that they absorb everything they see, hear or happen around them. His learning is constant.

The ability to learn is like a muscle, the more we exercise it, the stronger it will become. Therefore, to help our children learn and acquire skills and abilities we only have to stimulate them. You don't need to be a therapist, or have special knowledge. There are some very simple activities that we can do at home with our children.

In We have summarized some activities that we can do at home with children and that will help them to stimulate their physical, emotional or social capacities.

1- Paint mandalas. It is a set of geometric figures that usually represent the characteristics of the universe. They are hundreds of years old and are used for meditation. It helps them to enhance their concentration, develops the child's patience, helps treat hyperactivity and stimulates their creativity and intelligence.

2- Make origami. Origami or origami is an art of Japanese origin in which a paper is folded to obtain figures of various shapes. Origami is not only fun, it also helps children to stimulate fine motor skills, which is nothing more than the coordination of muscles and bones to produce small precision movements, for example, writing. It also helps children improve their attention span and combat stress.

3- Assemble a puzzle. Something as simple as doing a puzzle helps children to stimulate their observation skills because they have to find the pieces that fit together. For this same reason, they also develop their analytical skills, their visual memory is put to the test and, of course, something very important that children need to learn: patience.

4- Tongue twisters. They are one of the best games that we can put into practice so that our children pronounce correctly, therefore it stimulates the language, diction and vocabulary of our children. In addition, memory also comes into play because it has to remember a whole intricate sentence.

5- Team sports. There are skills that are fundamental for life in society, such as social ones: learning to communicate, to relate, to respect, to tolerate ... Team games such as football, basketball or handball will help our children to acquire values ​​as important as empathy, and they will also learn to socialize and relate to their peers.

6- Chess. This game has so many benefits that many schools have already integrated it as one more subject. This simple board with its chips will stimulate our children to create strategies, develop their logic, motivate the child to make decisions, be patient, concentrate on a task or stimulate their ability to deduce.

7- Puppet. Behind a simple game of puppets or marionettes there is much more than just entertainment. It stimulates their creativity and imagination when creating situations or characters to which things happen, they favor empathy, since the child has to assume a role or a way of acting of a character and understand it, and they also help them to communicate, and it is that sometimes they find it much easier to tell us something through their puppet.

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