Signs that the child is not getting over the death of a loved one

Signs that the child is not getting over the death of a loved one

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Psychologists and pedagogues tell us that children generally learn by themselves how to mourn for their loved one without much complication.

They find a way to overcome or adjust to pain. However, there are certain cases in which this does not occur, some circumstances may cause the pain and not overcoming the lack of the loved one influences the normal development of the child.

These circumstances can put parents on the clue that their child is griefing hard:

- Babies: they do not maintain eye contact with their caregiver, they stop emitting signals to get attention or communicate.

- Children 2 to 6 years: they lose interest in what is happening around them, they have a blank look and little desire to play. They are listless and with little energy. Sometimes they do not control toilet bowls again.

- Children from 6 to 10 years: children show attitudes and behaviors that are typical of younger children, such as tantrums or enuresis, etc.

- Preteens: They adopt an excessively mature behavior for their age and act protectively towards their relatives.

- Sometimes it is necessary to seek the help of a psychologist so that he can assess the child and see if it is necessary to work with him to help overcome the death of the loved one.

- It is essential to teach children to express their emotions, stimulate children's emotional intelligence and help them manage their feelings.

- Talk with the children, dialogue and explain the feelings that the loss of a loved one produces so that they understand the process they are going through.

- Leave them time, grief is a process that requires time to say goodbye to the loved one.

Source: 'Mom, Dad, what is death?' The Meridiano Parent Guide

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