A bed for children and parents to sleep together

A bed for children and parents to sleep together

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A bed designed for co-sleeping. For one, two, three, four and even five children. The bed has a space for the couple and two bunk beds attached to this space. Three of the children sleep next to their parents, in a kind of bed-cave separated by a curtain. Above them, two other beds with mosquito nets.

Is it really necessary for the whole family to sleep together? What need is there? We analyze the pros and cons of co-sleeping in this family bed.

The bed of this family in Texas measures 1.50, plus two beds attached to the sides of 70 centimeters. The couple who decided to opt for her, did not initially think to end this way. But the children (five) woke up constantly and ended up in his bed. So in the end, they ended up designing this 'special' bed for everyone.

This couple says that at first they tried to make each child sleep independently, but they traveled a lot, and on each trip all these attempts were truncated, since they had to end up sleeping together in a hotel or caravan.

Izzy are 9 years old. He sleeps on top of Zack, who is 11. Zak likes to sleep with the curtain down, and Izzy, with a light on. Ben is 7 years old, and he sleeps on Owen, who is 3. And the youngest, Elijah, sleeps with the parents. The bed they created for the seven of them became famous, and praise and criticism began to rain on the North American couple. Why does co-sleeping cause such a division of opinions?

Elizabeth and Tom, the parents of these five children, received comments for and against. The couple were accused of abusing their children. Why is co-sleeping so controversial?

In favor of co-sleeping:

- Strengthens the family bond.

- You don't have to wake up so often at night.

- They all share the same space and no one clings to their 'territory'.

Against co-sleeping:

- Neither the children nor the couple have privacy

- Children may take longer to have autonomy

- The couple's relationship is affected

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