Platero and me. Classic literature for children

Platero and me. Classic literature for children

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Platero and I, the culminating work of Juan Ramon Jimenez, celebrates its centenary. This literary work is one of the most translated along with The Quijote by Cervantes, and although it may seem like children's literature, it is also focused on an adult audience.

For this reason, Platero y yo is perfect for parents to read with their children and enjoy in the company of one of the best works of Spanish literature. In Guiainfantil we have compiled three fragments to commemorate these hundred years.

Platero is small, hairy, soft; so soft on the outside, that one would say all cotton, that does not have bones. Only the jet mirrors in his eyes are as hard as two black glass beetles.

I let him loose, and he goes to the meadow, and warmly caresses with his snout, barely brushing them, the little pink, blue and yellow flowers ... I call him sweetly: 'Silversmith?', And comes to me with a joyous trot who seems to laugh, in I don't know what ideal jingle.

Eat as much as I give you. He likes oranges, tangerines, muscat grapes, all amber, purple figs, with their crystalline drop of honey.

He is tender and cuddly just like a boy, like a girl...; but strong and dry inside, like stone. When I walk over it, on Sundays, through the last streets of the town, the men of the country, dressed in clean clothes and slowly, stare at it (...)

I read in a Dictionary: ASNOGRAPHY, s.f .: It is said, ironically, by description of the donkey. Poor ass! So good, so noble, as sharp as you are!

Ironically ... why? You don't deserve a serious description, whose true description would be a spring tale? If the man who is good should be called an ass! If the ass that is bad should be called man! Ironically ... Of you, so intellectual, friend of the old man and the child, the brook and the butterfly, the sun and the dog, the flower and the moon, patient and thoughtful, melancholic and kind, Marco Aurelio de los meadows.

Platero, who undoubtedly understands, stares at me with his bright, soft hard eyes, in which the sun shines, tiny and sparkling, in a brief and convex green-black firmament. Oh! If your idyllic hairy head knew that I did him justice, that I am better than those men who write Dictionaries, almost as good as it!

And I have put aside the book: ASNOGRAPHY, figurative sense: It must be said, with irony, of course !, by description of the imbecile man who writes Dictionaries (...)

Wait a minute, Platero, I come to be with your death. I have not lived. Nothing has happened. You are alive and I with you... I come alone. Boys and girls are already men and women. The ruin finished its work on the three of us - you know - and on its desert we are standing, owners of the best wealth: that of our heart.

My heart! I wish the heart was enough for both of them as it is enough for me. I wish they thought the same way I think. But not; It would be better if they didn't think ... That way they won't have in their memory the sadness of my evil deeds, my cynicisms, my impertinences.

With what joy, how well I tell you these things that no one but you has to know! ... I will order my actions so that the present is a lifetime and the memory seems to them; so that the serene future will leave you the past the size of a violet and its color, calm in the shade, and its soft smell.

You, Platero, are alone in the past. But what else does the past give you than you live in the eternalThat, like me here, you have in your hand, red as the heart of perennial God, the sun of each dawn?


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