New technologies in schools

New technologies in schools

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The educational model should advance at the same time that society advances, that is why the implementation of the new technologies in schools. One more educational resource that does not seem available to all schools, but which is becoming more and more necessary.

We analyze the advantages and disadvantages of new technologies in the education of children. Dehumanization of education or progress? In life, as in school, we must put the technological advances at the service of our children and not the other way around, with children slaves to the new technologies.

- New technologies in schools not only provide students with multiple resources for their learning but also involve them in a tecnologic world that they will need for their future.

- The study methods With the introduction of new technologies in schools they vary with respect to the traditional method. It is no longer so much about memorizing, but about investigating, selecting and reasoning, something that stimulates their autonomy in the management of resources.

- The promotion of curiosity is another benefit of new technologies in schools. Children do not have to limit themselves to the teacher's explanation if they want know more about a topic. Future researchers are born in the virtual classrooms of schools.

- Although it may seem the opposite, new technologies promote social ties between the group and encourage teamwork, cooperation and collaboration between children. With the added advantage that they do not need to be in the same physical space to interact.

- The new educational proposals that introduce new technologies in the classroom also include parents who can become more involved in the classroom. Homeworks of your children and keep up to date with what children are learning thanks to online platforms.

- It has a high cost. Obviously, equipping classrooms with state-of-the-art electronic devices can be a high investment.

- It must be recognized that some teachers are not willing to change the way they teach and are reluctant to introduce new technologies in the classroom, stagnating in a more traditional and more rigid education.

- A major dangers to learning derived from the new technologies is that the student finds it easier to find tricks to facilitate schoolwork, copying them from the Internet instead of doing them himself.

Laura Velez. Editor of our site

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