Children do not want fantastic stories, but real ones

Children do not want fantastic stories, but real ones

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We have always thought that children like fantasy stories. Since children have a lot of imagination, they will want to hear incredible stories: children who can make themselves invisible, fairies who transform pumpkins into floats, flying carpets ... Or not?

A recent study, prepared by American psychologists Jennifer Barnes, Emily Bernstein and Paul Bloom, turns all our beliefs upside down: children prefer real events versus science fiction. We are the adults who cling to the fantastic stories.

This study explains the reason for this paradox: children are learning, and they need role models that conform to reality, versus science fiction stories with strange characters. At the moment in which they begin to distinguish between fantasy and reality (from the age of 7-8 years), they opt for real models because it is precisely from them that they will be able to learn. Therefore, they need credible stories.

Thinking about all this, now I understand why my children ask me every night to tell them stories and anecdotes of things that happened to me as a child, compared to wonderful stories, invented, of children who travel through space and meet fantastic and extravagant beings or tiny beings with extraordinary powers.

There are other ways to stimulate the imagination besides reading. And how? Through the game. Symbolic play makes children practice and play to blur reality. It leaves an open door for creativity. What games are we talking about?

- Games with plasticine.

- Marionettes or puppets.

- Costumes.

- Building games.

- He drew.

Read to your child. And play with it. You will learn from reality to play to create fantastic stories.

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