Crafts for 6 year olds

Crafts for 6 year olds

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Since We propose a series of very fun crafts for 6 year olds. These are the perfect activities for children who are already capable of cutting, gluing and painting.

Crafts will help children to develop their ability to concentrate and attention, something very important at this stage of education, in which 6-year-olds have to start reading, writing and acquiring new skills.

On our site we have selected a series of crafts perfect for children who are 6 years old

Paper Christmas tree. Christmas tree with a single magazine. Decorate your living room this Christmas with this beautiful tree made with a lot of imagination and a magazine. You can decorate it with pompoms or foam circles and make it as a craft with your whole family.

Halloween haunted house. Would you like to make a very original and terrifying craft for Halloween night? On our site we teach you how to make a haunted house to decorate the party.

Mouse pad for Father's Day. Mouse Pad. Children's crafts for father's day and mother's day. our site proposes homemade crafts to make gifts with your children. Easy and simple crafts to do with children.

Dinosaur mask. Dinosaur costume with paper plate. For children who like dinosaurs you have this Carnival mask craft, with a paper plate and imagination you can turn your child into a prehistoric creature.

Bee with roll of paper. A fun craft idea for kids might be to make some of their favorite animals or characters out of recycling crafts, like this cute little flying bee.

Fairy wings. On our site we suggest you make costumes with recycling material. In this case, we have made some fairy wings with recycled material, one of the favorite accessories for girls.

Frame with beads. Creating a frame is very easy and fun, it is also a craft that encourages creativity and imagination as it offers multiple possibilities. On our site we have made a frame with eva rubber and we have decorated it with beads in the shape of sea animals.

Cardboard train. Learn how to make a cardboard train for your children. Here we explain how to do it very easily, step by step. A fun and very colorful recycling craft.

Boat with egg cups. On our site we propose a different and fun way to spend time with children. You only have to save a box of eggs to make this original and beautiful caravel. It is about making an old cardboard boat that will be perfect to decorate a children's room.

Homemade table football. On our site we suggest you make a homemade table football using recycled material. A very easy and fun craft with which children will make their own toy. With just a cardboard box and some scraps of paper you can do it.

Bowling game. We teach you to make a fun bowling game recycling plastic containers of liquid yogurt, with the children. Recycle with the children by making a fun recycling craft. Play bowling at home with this children's craft.

Memory game. Memory game made with recycled plastic caps, for children. It is a simple and easy game to perform at home, but also because it helps to stimulate the child's concentration and attention. Learn to recycle materials such as caps to make homemade toys with children

Santa Claus with a clothespin. Figure of Santa Claus with tweezers. Simple recycled crafts for kids. In GuiaInfantil we teach you how to make Santa Claus to decorate the Christmas tree made with clothespins.

Hawaiian flip flops. How to decorate flip flops with balloons. With the arrival of the heat there is nothing better than some good Hawaiian flip flops, which can also be a fun garment thanks to this craft for children with balloons. Decorate children's flip-flops or sandals to make them look colorful in summer.

Homemade kite. Guiainfantil proposes to make a simple and fun craft for the little ones in the house: a kite. This instrument was born in ancient China and today it is one of the most popular toys among children of all countries.