Wet combing or how to remove lice without chemicals

Wet combing or how to remove lice without chemicals

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There is nothing more unpleasant than finding those creepy little critters on your child's head ... lice! It seems incredible that, with how small they are, are so resistant. You kill them and the next week ... lice again! In the end, you just got sick of using so much chemical that it kills the lice, yes, but it destroys the child's hair and scalp.

But there is a painstaking but effective remedy that does not use anti-lice products, but softening cream. Yes, how you hear it. The infallible natural method against lice has a name: Wet Combing.

To get rid of lice once and for all without using lice products, you need three things: softening cream, a cleanser and a lot of patience. If you have them all at hand, you can start.

Wet combing means 'wet combing', and it is an effective method of removing lice and nits. It consists of washing your son or daughter's hair and smearing the entire head well with softening cream. Do you want to learn how to do it? Follow these steps to get a head clean of parasites.

1. You can use a hair mask or smoothing cream. With damp hair, begin to massage it through the hair. The trick is to add a lot of cream or fabric softener, so that there is a dense layer. The goal is to immobilize the lice, so don't be shy about adding fabric softener. Lice get trapped and cannot move. In addition, they drain easily due to the softening action of the cream.

2. Now, you have to take action: take the comb or brush and run it through all your hair. The lice will appear and not dead, but alive. The cream does not kill them, but it does allow you to capture them. It will also allow you to catch and remove nits.

3. When you have finished passing the brush through all the hair, rinse the hair with plenty of water.

This method takes time, yes, and patience. One day is not enough. You will have to repeat the operation every two days, for two weeks ... Actually, don't stop washing your child's hair with the wet combing method until you see that no lice and no nits come out. Then yes, you can be calm. You killed the lice!

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