Toys that are not safe for children

Toys that are not safe for children

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On the eve of Christmas, the demand for toys increases considerably. It is a magical time, full of light, color, parties, family dinners and gifts, but there can also be risks.

Not all toys offer the same guarantees for children. It is important to know the main characteristics that a toy must meet to be safe for the little ones, and how the characteristics vary depending on the product or the child's age.

Safety regulations for toys are dictated by the European Union. It is convenient to remember them.

The best toy is not always the one most demanded by children. Of course, their tastes and wishes must be respected and considered, but it is important that parents offer safety to their children. It is important that when buying a toy, parents carefully read the description of the game, see what it is made of, and advise on the most appropriate way to use the toy.

Toys that violate safety regulations, when used by children, can cause them suffocation due to the presentation of small parts, poisoning by inhaling some chemical compounds in paints and other materials, burns due to some flammable materials, etc.

In a general way, breaches of safety regulations tend to affect design and construction, flammability, electrical safety, magnets, and the content of toxic substances, especially in those imported from countries such as China.

From now on we can be a little more calm when it comes to the safety of toys, because the new regulations oblige manufacturers to always include information on the place of manufacture, their batch number and product ... in addition to require strict tests in laboratories or control bodies.

Thanks to the joint action of the European Union regulations and proper parental supervision, this year we will be able to enjoy a quieter Christmas, always respecting the recommended age limits for toys and their instructions. What are you waiting for to write your letter to Santa Claus?

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