Ideas to announce pregnancy at Christmas

Ideas to announce pregnancy at Christmas

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You are pregnant and that is the best news you can give to the people around you, to those who love you. Because waiting for a baby is always a reason for joy and the perfect time to strengthen the bonds of affection.

Thus, if you are pregnant and your family does not know it yet, you already have the perfect gift for this Christmas. But it is logical that with the emotion of the news, with the illusion that the arrival of the new baby in the family makes you, you do not settle for announcing it at Christmas Eve dinner as if you were telling the last anecdote of your work. We give you some original ideas to announce your pregnancy at Christmas.

1. It is not convenient for your partner to find out that he is going to be a father at the same time as the rest of the family. So, you better give it a advance christmas gift. A box with a pacifier inside and a love letter telling him that you are expecting a baby is a good way to surprise your partner at Christmas.

2.Your family can find out the good news in the middle of the Christmas celebration. You can distribute postcards, which instead of carrying the typical Christmas image, take the baby's first ultrasound. An ultrasound with a Merry Christmas! printed it will be the most impressive greeting they have ever received. And the happiest.

3. Traditional Christmas cards are also valid to announce that you are pregnant. You can sign the Christmas greeting with your name, that of your partner and add "the baby" or the name of your child if you have already decided.

4. In some families it is customary to put socks under the Christmas tree with the name of each one to put the gifts in them. I would not be anymore add one more sock with the name of the baby to arrive. It will be fun to answer questions from the rest of the family.

5. If you already have a child, it is best to break the news to him alone. Having a baby brother can be a source of conflict or joy depending on how you approach it. When buying gifts, tell him that you are going to need one more. You can choose a Christmas present together and keep it with hope until the baby is born.

6. You can also choose to let circumstances communicate your pregnancy to others. When your family sees that you do not try champagne on the Christmas table, they will surely begin to suspect why.

Laura Velez. Collaborator of Children's Guide.

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