The good and the bad for children of new technologies

The good and the bad for children of new technologies

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Today's children are born and raised surrounded by new technologies, so much so that they are already called digital natives. And, in almost every house there is a computer, a smartphone, a tablet or a game console.

We adults are impressed by the way children have of access new technologies. They practically do not have to be taught to use them, children handle new technologies by imitation and in a much more natural way.

This ease of access that children have to new technologies makes us wonder what benefits they have for children and what dangers can be found in their use.

New technologies, like everything else, have their advantages and disadvantages. Let's start with the benefits, what good things do they bring to children?

- Develops children's skills, helps them make decisions and solve problems, analyze and observe.

- It is an excellent form of communication since they can be in contact with people from other places.

- Is a window open to knowledgeAt the click of a mouse, children can access any type of information.

- It can be used as a school support tool and help improve academic results.

- They are a great tool to help children with some type of disability or learning problem.

- Stimulates research, discovery or the desire to learn on the part of the child.

New technologies also have their dangers, especially for children, precisely because they are unaware of those dangers that can haunt them such as cyberbullying, grooming, sexting. How can parents protect them from these threats?

- The first measure that we must take into account when children begin to use new technologies is control and limits in their use.

- Information in these cases is our main ally, it is very important that we talk with our children and tell them about the different types of harassment that can occur through the Internet and social networks

- Fostering this dialogue will help us to create a climate of trust that helps the child to tell us what is happening to him.

- We must explain to the children that should not provide personal data to strangers, much less to meet people they have met on the Internet if they are not accompanied by an adult.

- Know which pages our child visits, which sites they browse and what activities they carry out.

- We can also add parental filters to our devices, although the best parental filter is education.

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