What the child learns with 4 years

What the child learns with 4 years

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When children are four years old, they take a leap in development and begin to understand things differently. All learning is interesting for 4-year-olds and for this reason it is a great age to be able to instill good reading habits as well as any good habit related to health or well-being (brushing teeth, dressing alone, etc.).

Even if the children are 4 years old, we must remember that each one has their own rhythm and that it is very important to bear in mind that comparisons with other advances by other children at the same age is not a role model for children. Even so, there are some lessons that are general at this age.

1. At this age they have greater self-control and ingenuity for the world around them. Their game is more complex and imaginative and they like to try new experiences.

2. They want to be more self-reliant and they like to be responsible and make decisions in their life.

3. In the language they begin to have a great advance, they begin to communicate with complex and compound sentences, with few pronunciation errors and they expand their vocabulary daily.

4. They are able to start conversations without changing the subject to their areas of interest.

5. Can understand multi-step directions with things they can see.

6. They share personal experiences without the adult having to insist that they do so, it is the ideal age to continue instilling confidence in conversations.

7. They begin to build their knowledge of the written language, they want to know what words are and what they say. Many children at this age will understand that letters represent sounds that make up words and will be able to begin to associate some sounds with their letters.

8. As for writing, they will be able to write some letters and know that the writing goes from left to right and from top to bottom.

9. They will have a greater capacity for mathematical learning with good logical reasoning for everyday problems. They can count to ten and recognize numbers up to 4.

10. Although they still cannot tell time, they will be able to know and recognize some geometric shapes, as well as the days of the week, months and seasons.

11. They have an improvement in their gross motor skills (walking, climbing, jumping, etc.) and in their fine motor skills (they will be able to hold writing tools).

12. Improves hand-eye coordination so they can do puzzles, play with toys with small pieces (knowing that they should not put it in their mouth, etc.).

13. Learn to dress and undress without any help.

14. They begin to separate reality from fantasy.

15. Emotionally, they continue to learn to understand their own feelings and those of others, and to realize that others may react differently and begin to better handle more intense emotions.

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